Research on Miyazaki and Feminism

The notes for all of these are in my Design Discourse sketchbook.

Websites – People’s opinions on Miyazaki’s women – comaparison between his and Disney princesses

The Birth of Studio Ghibli documentary

Birth of Studio Ghibli (Nausicaä DVD). Studio Ghibli. Miyazaki is a feminist, actually. He has this conviction that to be successful, companies have to make it possible for their female employees to succeed too. You can see this attitude in Princess Mononoke. All characters working the bellows in the iron works are women. Then there’s Porco Rosso. Porco’s plane is rebuilt entirely by women. (Toshio Suzuki) –

The quote from this wikipedia is featured in the 3rd part of the documentary at 0:20 on youtube.

Links to the documentary


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