Hayao Miyazaki – Moebius Interview

While reading The Anime Art of Hayao Miyazaki (Dani Cavallaro, 2006) , I discovered that Miyazaki and Moebius held an exhibition together in Paris (2004). I found this really interesting as we were told about Moebius in class one day and I never even knew he was friends with Miyazaki. 

The chapter in the book talks about the exhibition and their work that was featured in it. The books talks about how the two found out about each other’s works, Moebius’s son had introduced him to Miyazaki’s work by showing him a pirated copy of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984). After being shown the film Moebius was really interested in Miyazaki’s work. Miyazaki on the other hand had already knew about Moebius’s work and I’ll talk about this in relation to the interview. 

Cavallaro went onto talk about how the exhibition, La Monnaie de Paris, had themes within in it and it showed how the two artists work were in some way quite similar. For example they had a room dedicated to their whork about the environment, “The Nourishing Earth”. In this room they had featured Miyazaki’s tentacular Vegetation and Moebius’s mineral landscapes.

The video is an interview between the two and they talk about how they are inpired by each other. I actually learnt a few things about Miyazaki that I didn’t know before so this video was pretty useful for information about Miyazaki and one of his influences as well as how important the audience is to Miyazaki. In this we are also told about how Miyazaki had found about Moebius’s work in the 1980’s and that Moebius was in fact a big inspiration for him when creating Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984). Miyazaki went onto say how he wished he could have used this inspiration more for his creative development but obviously by this time Miyazaki had already established his style. 

Miyazaki’s films have a lot of European influences in them from the scenery to the actual way the animation is drawn. In the interview we learn that Studio Ghibli bases their style on European painting and how this style revolves around light and dimension. Miyazaki mentioned that when they were working on Spirited Away (2001), he worried about the European style not working with the Japanese objects they were depicting in the film. 

The interview did mainly focus on Miyazaki but I found it to be really useful and I have more notes from the video and book in my sketchbook. 

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Hayao Miyazaki – Moebius Interview


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