Design Discourse – Modeling and History of Animation Presentation – 9th Dec 2014

Final Presentation

Sadly for this group, we didn’t really work together. No research was done for the room modeling and everyone sort of went off and done their own thing. This kind of annoyed me a bit because when it came to doing the presentation only two of us really worked on it and it was left to the last minute as no one was really communicating. Although I did ask a few times on our facebook group about things, there was never really many people responding.Β 

We didn’t even mention Chinese and Japanese Animation in our presentation because no one was helping and it wasn’t possible for me to do it all in one night. I never got to do the slides the way they should have been done as I had to do the majority of it myself, even though Clare did start it for us. We never got together as group and discussed what way we wanted the room either.Β 

Overall I didn’t really like working in this group because of the lack of group communication. I didn’t even contribute to the room because Clare had already made it and Oisin and Anna made a backgarden Although I don’t think my models are as good as hers though!Β 


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