Creative Elements – Interactive Design – Presentation and Final Videos/Games – 8th Dec 2014

While I was working on the actual working game the rest of the team made a flash version of the game because the actual working game wasn’t able to have all the features we wanted in the game. – Link to flash game Anna made  – Link to the customisation screen video Matthew Made 

John also made a Menu video as well as an opening scene for the game but I don’t have a link to it as it’s on facebook. 



The screenshots above are Johns’s posts to the facebook group.  – Link to our presentation 

I think our presentation went well but I never got to say my part about the game so I was a bit sad about that. But it’s fine, Conann was happy enough with our presentation. 


– not enough research shown 
– black and white could have been taken further
– some elements could have been further too
– should have went further into interactive design 
– Animation was good too.


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