Design Discourse 1 – Maya Modeling – Research and Book for room

Because I didn’t really understand modeling in class even after Alec explaining it to me.  I went home and looked up some tutorials on Youtube to create some simple items like a book. 

I chose the book because it was one of my items for the room so these tutorials were really useful. Each one has a slightly different way of doing things. I found that these tutorials really helped me get used to the whole modeling side to Maya.  

Maya 2015 Tutorial – Making a book Basic by Litruv 

Book modeling in Maya 2011 – Basic modeling tutorials by PuppetArts

Maya Tutorials: Simple Table with Books Modeling – Only with Extrude tool

The final book model I created



The image of the book I was basing it on 


Even though it is not the same thickness as the real book I thought I done well with this because I managed to understand modeling a bit more and I was able to make the book. 


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