Creative Elements – Interactive Design – Stencyl Software – How I made the game – 1st – 7th Dec 2014

I decided on the size of your screen for the game first. This is what the player sees from the camera. The size that we have chosen for this game is 640×384 pixels.


I then created 3 scenes/levels, which are the areas created for the player. The size of each scene was 3840×384,being the same height as the screen area and 10 times the width.


Then I added in a background, created on PaintTool Sai. It was very important that the background size was to be the same size as the scene. Not having exact size caused white areas to appear or background being incorrectly repeated. image



Here is an example of the game running with the background.

Before adding the characters to the game, I created them in PaintTool Sai using the pixel tool. For the ‘Dark’ character, I have decided on the size of, “55x80p.”


Now the character design has been made, I created a walk cycle, I had to remember to create them for both left and right.



Then I adding them to the game.


The character has been given “IDLE ®, IDLE (L),  WALK ®, and WALK (L).” Keeping the animations labelled is very important for later changes.

 Doing the same things as the dark I created the light character, however one difference being the size of the character is “60x100p.”



When adding the character to the scene. you notice that nothing happens and the screen moves from the character. That means I have to then add behaviours. Behaviours, are the basic rules the characters follow to add rules and commands.

The main behaviours we need for the characters are,”Walking, Jumping and Camera Follow.” Walking.
image image

Using this program, “Stencyl” makes entering commands a lot easier piecing together script. This is where your animations come in, adding each corresponding animation type to their specific command.


When making jumping behaviour, I had run into a few problems, meaning that the animation originally created for the jump could not be used which ended up having them left out.



Leaving out the animation, it fixed the problem of it not working so it was easier to keep it the way it was.

Camera Follow


One of the most of important behaviours for a character is the ‘camera follow’ making the camera follow the chosen actor when you move. It is also a very simple command locking the camera in place.

Now that all the behaviours have been added to both characters. you can now add them to the scene with the camera following you with walking motion and a jump.

Editing a scene.

Since I now have everything the game, i’ve to create the scenes.


you must first use tiles for your character to walk on. As our background has a path drawn we will be using tiles that are blank.

You can now add in everything that you have created and their behaviours will be intact.



Once I have arranged the scenes how I wish. It is time to do the same to the 2nd and 3rd.


Before the game is finished, there are some behaviours that need to be added to the scenes themselves to have the effects of ‘moving to the next screen’ and ‘death when exiting the screen.’

Here is the coding used for the character changing scene. Meaning that when your character enters a specific region (for us the end of the screen) they are to load the next scene in the order.


The code used for character death is very simple.


Now the game is finished you can now play it.



Now that I have made the game, there is some things I can add the add the to the experience. Some things I considered adding was ‘a goal, Collectables and enemies.’ These are added in the same way as your characters and must make an actor profile for each of them.

First I will create a goal. The only thing that I will change in the game now, is giving the leaving scene behaviour will now be changed to this actor.


I add then decided to add a collectable for the player in the form of orbs, these serve as the same purpose as the goal only will not end the level. Due to lack of time I wasn’t able to create a counter for the collectables.  


To create a more game-like experience I will be adding enemies to the game. Like previous actors. The enemies will be made the same, only added to the behaviour of dying when leaving the screen I added that if your character comes in contact with the enemies the scene reloads.  

One enemy is a standard enemy which scrolls from the right to left and you must jump over them. While the second enemy is ‘The Drill’ Which was decided in the group that the overall plot is that your character is to be constantly running from this drill and avoiding obstacles.


image imageimage


I then Finished up by adding music in the background and sound effect of collecting items. These additions I felt were needed to complete the creation of the game.



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