Creative Elements – Interactive Design – 26th Nov 14

So after we came back in again we came up with more ideas for game and we had a look at some games for inspiration.

In the end we decided on a game which never ends and is horizontal on the screen. We want to make it specifically for the iPhone and Android but I suggested that we also make a playable version for PC.


Some of the games we had a look at were Robot Unicorn Attack 2, Temple Run, Badlands. 

I downloaded two of the games and had a go at them and sort of looked at how they designed the game.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 




Temple Run 



We also did consider making an interactive storybook similar to the one that Yuumei (Deviantart – ) made

Screenshots from her story:



Although hers isn’t animated or anything i’m sure we could have added those into the interactive book. I kind of liked the idea of telling the story about how our world ended up fighting each other, I think it would have made a good story.

As i wanted to make a playable game for our team I had to do some research into making games. I’ve never done this before so I know it’s going to be a bit of a challenge. There’s many game makers out there but I didn’t want to use one that wouldn’t let me create my own backgrounds and stuff for it. But I also didn’t want one that was really hard to use  since we only had two weeks to make the game. 

I had a look a this website,  .

It gives you a brief idea of what you need to do for making a game.

Also the ideas that my team have might not be in the game since I don’t really know how to do everything yet.


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