Creative Elements – Interactive Design- Presentation on Typography and Sound – 24th Nov 14

Feedback on presentation 

– should have stuck to the black/white theme we had rather than the sepia tone

Link to our Presentation –

This week we were introduced to Interactive Design and how games work. 
I found this really interesting and i’m excited to start this with the project. 

I went home and did some research into Interactive design;

I made some notes from this website in my sketchbook

Then I Had a look at “Digital Storytelling : A Creator’s Guide to Interactive Entertainment" 

"Works of digital storytelling are always ;

  • types of narratives: they involve a series of connected dramatic events that serve to tell a story;
  • works that contain characters, including types of characters found only in digital media: characters controlled by the user or by the computer, and synthetic characters with the appearance of artificial intelligence 
  • interactive: the user controls, or impacts, aspects of the story; 
  • non-linear: events or scenes do not occur in a fixed order; characters are not encountered at fixed points;
  • deeply immersive: they pull the user into the story;
  • participatory: the user participates in the story; 
  • navigable: users can make their own path through the story or through a virtual environment.”

Handler Miller, C., (2nd Edition, 2008) Digital Storytelling: A Creator’s Guide to Interactive Entertainment, England: Focal Press

I never really read much of it but I hope I can read it again sometime. 


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