Creative Elements – Introuduction to sound – 17th Nov 2014

So today we were shown clips form movies were the sound made an impact on the scenes and helped to tell the story.

for example we were shown – Shower scene from Psycho (1960, Hitchcock, A) Music – Bernard Hermann The music actually blends in with the noises form objects in the room, such as the shower curtain moving -.> violins.

–  – Drilling for facts scene from Marathon Man (1976, Schlesinger,J) 

–  – Shining Opening (1980, Kubrick,S) I found the music to this one to be kind of creepy.

Mike suggested for us to look up the opening to Clockwork Orange (1971, Kubrick,S)  –

It sounded similar to the opening of the Shining.

We also listened to The Thing theme –  Ennio Morricone.


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