Creative Elements – Research into “charging” scenes

Anna created a list of scenes that need animated;

– Light going “sweet fuck what happened” and running to the left

– Dark going “sweet fuck what happened” and running to the right (at exactly the same time as 1

-. A group of Lights looking at a spot on the ground, then all jump in surprise at the knocking
– Dark lying on the ground and knocking

– Lights with a big drill (on the right 1/3rd). Drill begins
– Darks going “holy shit” at the appearance of a huge ass drill

– Lights running away in terror
– Darks leaping out of the tunnel and yelling

– Darks chasing lights from right to left

– Leader of the Darks victory screeching with followers cheering

– Leader of the Lights challenging Darks with his army behind him supporting him.

– Dark Leader accepting the challenge with a battle cry

– Dark Army charge

– Light Army charge

I decided to do the dark and light army charging towards each other. To help me with the scenes I chose to do I looked up some “charging” scenes from films such as Braveheart and Batman. – Braveheart – Battle of Stirling – Cavalry Charge – The Dark Knight Rises – Police vs Bane’s army charge 


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