Creative Elements – New group – Typography Project – 12th Nov 14

We were all switched around into new groups and we were set with the task of making an animated opening involving typography. 

I looked up some websites which are about movie openings that involve typography

I used these websites to get ideas and just get a general idea of what typography is like and how its used within movie titles. 

When brainstorming we mainly looked at movie openings and endings – Incredibles Ending titles – Captain America End Credits – Sherlock Ending credits


These are just some of my favourite openings/endings – Higashi no Eden Opening – Skyfall Opening – Black Butler Book of Circus Opening – Cowboy Bebop Opening, I really like this opening because of their use of text and images. – Haruhi Suzumiya Super Driver Opening, again this is a really good opening for text and imagery. It’s a kind of comic book/manga style opening. – Evangelion Opening  – The Musketeers (BBC one)

Previous Group’s Presentation and Animatic

Today we decided on the language and what our animation will be like story wise. We done some rough storyboards to give us an idea of what we want our animation to be like and we were also redesigning the light side characters. 

Brainstorming on the whiteboards

The storyboard did change a few times and Anna created a better version of this in her sketchbook. Below is an example from her sketchbook.

I found it hard to come up with ideas because I’m struggling with getting out ideas and getting people to listen to me. I kind of took a back seat during this and I wish I didn’t but it’s hard to get my ideas out. 


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