Inspiration – Artists – Matsui Fuyuko

I spent a few hours watching the series by BBC “What do artists do all day”. I really enjoyed watching this series because I really liked seeing how each Artist works and how they get together their work for exhibitions, how they actually do their work. 

While watching the Michael Landy episode, it actually helped me discover a Japanese artist, Matsui Fuyoko. I really like her work, it’s quite interesting as she depicts human bodies with their insides coming out but she does this such a beautiful yet creepy way. She does most of her work in the traditional Japanese way of painting (Nihonga). 

Here’s some examples of her work from her website;


Keeping up the Pureness (2004) Hanging Scroll, Color Pigment on Silk / 29.5×79.3cm 


Becoming Friends with all the children in the world (2002) 

Colour on silk Mounted on Paper with Metal Foil Backing / 181.8 ×227.8cm

Sources – All accessed November 2014 – Episode guide – Fuyuko’s Gallery on her official website


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