Design Discourse – Presentation and introduction to modeling in Maya – 11th Nov 2014

Final Presentation made into a video by Mark –

Final Maya video –

Final ball jump I gave to Mark for him to add the dance floor –

I think we presented well although we all felt like our presentation dragged on a bit because of the videos we had of our Maya animations.

The feedback for our presentation was to include more references to the books we used. 

Extra stuff for this weeks presentation.

Introduction to Modeling

This week were shown how to start modeling from the basic shapes and how to edit the mesh of the shape. I got a bit confused but i hope that after a few goes I might get the hang of it. 

We were told research topology and 3D character modelling as well as this we were to do some sketches/take photos of objects we’d like to put into a room we’ve to model.


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