Design Discourse – Ball Leg Character – 4th Nov 14


  • Fix the arc of the jump 
  • Rotate the text on the ball so it looks as if it’s facing forward
  • Work on the weight 

Video of my stepped and Spline attempt – 

Group Feedback 

  • Have a storyboard with more drawings showing what exactly is happening.

We only have 8 frames and they didn’t really show our idea that well as you can see below. 


This week we continued working on our animations for the presentation as Alec wasn’t in this week. As well as this Mike came round and gave us feedback and he gave us a presentation on the Principles of Animation. He showed us how frames overlap and help lead you to the next one so your eyes stay in that place. I also noticed how important composition elements are when it comes to animation.  Mike also showed us about the weight of characters and how they move, to help us understand how important knowing the weight of our characters are when animating. 


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