Creative Elements – Production Designers Presentation – 3rd Nov 2014

Bibliography – Walt Peregoy’s Disney Legend Award Speech. [13/10/2008] – Walt Peregoy at Disney Animation Studios. – Walt Peregoy IMdb page. – Excerpts of Walt Peregoy’s visit to Disney Studios – Audio Podcast with Walt Peregoy on his time at Disney. – Animation Backgrounds Blog – Maintained by Rob Richards. – Eyvind Earle’s website and personal Biography, including a short excerpt on working with Walt Peregoy. – Darek Gogol’s interview with the matrix team. – Brief article on Derek Gogol. – Hans Bacher’s web blog on the making of ‘Beauty and The Beast’ with Darek Gogol among others. – small online portfolio of Darek Gogol’s work – Paul Lasaine blog for The Prince of Egypt    – goodbrush review – Howard Pyle’s collection of painting the Revolution     – Mullins demonstration at Wacom World 2011 – information on Mullins information on Mullins website information on Mullins information on Mullins’ work – information on Mullins – Quote from Mullins on Commercial work information on Mullins – interview with Craig Mullins  – Craig Mullins portfolio 


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