Creative Elements – Colour Theory Research

I found this really interesting guy on devinatart who has a lot of tutorials on how he works with colour and how to do it his way. 

His username is aquasixio, ( and his real name is Cyril Rolando. He is 30 years old and is currently a psychologist. He does digital painting in his spare time. 

Here’s some examples of his work. 

Cross Over Together (2014) 

Good Night (2013) 

Don’t Trash Your Dreams (2012)

I selected just three of my favourite visually appealing pieces of his. I really love his selection of colours and how they work well together. I feel that this is something I need to work on because when I colour things I just select the colours that the objects are and I don’t really think about how well they work together. 

I will be looking more into his tutorials and how he picks his colours as I find his way quite interesting. He uses turtles when he’s choosing his colours. (


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