Creative Elements – Photoshop tutorial – 27th Oct 14

During this part of the class Conann showed us some techniques of doing art in photoshop based on Craig Mullins way of working. You start off by just drawing and then eventually you build it up and then you turn it something that you see. 

This is just a template I made, Conann used Three by two. I decided to to just do 4. 


I found this to be quite interesting and I will have a go at this some time.



I had a go at it but I never got finish it because photoshop kept lagging on me and it was getting too slow to do anything with. 

So hopefully I get back to it again when ive fixed my photoshop ~

Update 2 


I particularly like the very last one. The brush i used reminded me of ink and I really liked using it. I didn’t really for anything in particular in the first two, I was experimenting with the brushes I have. 


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