Design Discourse – Tail Obstacle Course and Leg character – 28th Oct 14

Links to the animations for this week – Polished and Splined Obstacle Course  – Tail Obstacle course 

I struggled with this one a lot and i still could’t get the timing or ball the way I wanted. I thimnk I need to work on my skills of animating in maya.

Feedback on the Obstacle Course

  • work on my timing and space out my key frames
  • Squash and stretch is good in certain areas
  • Use the dope sheet for the spacing of the frames
  • Work on the tail after fixing the timing

I completely agreed with the feedback because these were the things I was having problems with and I can now see what I need to do to fix it. It was very fast and I don’t think I done the stepping stage right with the spacing. I did try to do the half pipe with the locator but I didn’t know how to make it constrained with the ball.

Afterwards Alec showed us how to fix some of the common mistakes and what are meant to do for next week. For the next week we need to present all our animations from the start and show our research as well along with the animation of the ball leg character.

In our teams we were set with the task of animating a ball character with a leg as shown below


My team and I brainstormed on what to do with our animations and we got inspired by Edward’s animation of the character bouncing and dancing. 

So we went with idea and this is shown below on the whiteboard below also shows our plan for the presentation too.



My group didn’t give me as much to do because I had to work on doing the presentation for the upcoming Monday. 


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