Life Drawing – Superman/Heads – Week 3 – 9th October

Last week Mike set us with the task of drawing the missing pose from the two poses the model done the previous week and this was my final result. I think I could improve by working on making the person the same size throughout. He also set us with the task of drawing five full Winnie the Pooh drawings going from happy to sad. Mike said I could improve by trying to keep the size of him the same and I do agree even after the several attempts of practice before I done the final versions I still couldn’t keep Winnie the Pooh the same size.Β image


During class this week we drew heads based off the 1941 Superman character head sheet. We started off by doing some simple quick drawings using the idea of a cylinder for his head and then shaping it to make it more of a human head. We also added in hair like Superman’s.At the end of the lesson we done a 20 mins sketch of the model and tried to focus on the head and shoulders. We were then set with the task of doing a full head turn of Superman and more Winnie the Poohs.






Also here’s some of my practices for Winnie the Pooh.


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