Design Discourse – Stepped Worm animation – 7th Oct 14

Design Discourse – worm stepped animation – 7th Oct 14

For this week we had to create a stepped animation of a worm reacting to a shape of our choice. My group decided to look at surprised/shocked/curious mainly curious with a bit of the others.

In my animation I wanted to make my worm be curious about the sphere and to do this I made him look around the ball before going up to poke it. I used this video of “Curious Alice, 1971" as inspiration for me because of the quote "Curiosity leads to strange places” and because of the famous saying “Curiosity killed the cat”. So by using these as my inspiration I decided to have the worm push the ball and the ball comes back at it and hits him. 

I still struggled a bit with this animating but you can see that gradually as I go along I get a bit better at it and I try my best to get the animation right. I also used Alec’s videos he posted online and they helped me a lot, I seem to usually get it after being told a second time. However, I did find that blocking/stepped animation is really helpful when creating animation in Maya. It makes the process a lot easier for me. 

I also had a look at some of Jesse Baumgartner’s videos on Youtube to see what his stepped animation looked like. I particulary liked the skeleton dance one since he based it on the old Disney short film “A silly symphony – The Skeleton Dance 1929"
Baumgartener’s version –


  • do sketches that sort of overlap
  • use the tangents more to help me get the animation right
  • to work on getting the key frames right

After Alec looked at all our work he showed us how to polish up our animations and make them nicer by using the graph editor, he then set us with a new task and that is to polish up our worm animations and take them out of the stepped/blocking stage. 

Design Discourse – Stepped Worm animation – 7th Oct 14


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