Design Discourse – Polished Worm – 14th Oct 2014

Final Versions that I showed to Alec

As you can see I stilled haven’t really got the hang of it yet but I’m getting a bit better at using Maya. I need to work on getting the Stepped animation right still as well as splining. 


  • Change ball to Spline
  • Fix the pose before the ball hits him
  • Fix the pose before he falls back

This week we were also shown how to create sets in Maya as well as about Overlapping animation. 

We were set with the task of animating a ball in an obstacle course.similar to these examples below  –  Ball Obstacle Course – Maya 3D Ball Bounce – Ball Obstacle course in Maya

I found the second one to be quite creative as they used a silhouette of Sherlock and put in clogs to make it like thinking brain but I sadly won’t be attempting anything like it just yet!

We had to work in our groups to decide on a final layout for the obstacle course. These are just some of my ideas :

We decided to uses Mark’s idea though.


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