Creative Elements – Presentation of work – 20th Oct 14

Today we presented our ideas again and we used the feedback from the previous week to improve it. We had to work on our concept sketches and the composition aspects of them. We also worked on showing how our planet actually consumes other planets and the idea of the spores, this was nicely done by Edward and Shannon. 



I used the image above (by Shannon) as inspiration for the concept art that I done. 

Some of the final concept art I done that we used in the presentation.





Link to our presentation -> 

Overall I think our presentation went a bit better than last time but I think we still needed to have had the presentation done beforehand as we left it til last minute and there was a bit of a drop in the communication between us at the weekend. We didn’t know who was doing the presentation and in the end I ended up fixing it for us because a lot needed done to it so I tried my best with what I had to make it a bit better. Also some of the members didn’t do what they said they would so our characters didn’t get fixed up and I feel that more of the group could have helped with the concept art of the actual world and our ideas.


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