Creative Elements – Create a World – Plant World in space – Part 3

We came up with a temporary backstory, has the idea of a goddess in the seed controlling the planet I also looked at my Hyrule Historia book for inspiration as The Legend of Zelda game Skyward Sword contains creatures based on plants and they have some that look like flowers. As you can see below.

For the goddess idea I looked at Mother Nature images and most of them showed a woman I didn’t want to go with the idea but it wasn’t a concept we were going to stick with anyway. I did find some other images through books that I own as well such as my Super Junior 6th Album, Sexy, free and single. Some of the members had flowers and branches around their heads which helped me come up with this design for the goddess. 

Below is just a collection of the images i used as inspiration from books I own.

The here is my two designs for the goddess 


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