Creative Elements – Create a World – New team – 20th – 27th Oct 14 – Part 1

This week we got new teams, my team was basically the same except we got a new person, Paul. We had to base our ideas on how that world celebrates Halloween.

The new world we were given was really hard to work with because the previous team who came up with it changed their idea completely so they had less stuff compared to the other groups. We didn’t really understand what the world was and what the creatures/characters looked like. There wasn’t much concept art for the inside of the creature either so as well as showing how our world celebrates Halloween we had to come up with what the creature looked like inside.

The world that the previous group came up with was a creature that had 3 stomachs and all these creatures worked within it. The image below is the map of the creature that the previous group made.Β 


We brainstormed on the whiteboard different ways in which our world would celebrate Halloween as you can see below.

Β image

The main idea we went with was the Candy Invasion where candy from a candy planet would attack the creatures who already live there.

From here we did some research into the Halloween in other countries and stuff similar to it.Β 


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