Creative Elements – Create a World – New team – 20th – 27th Oct 14 – Part 2


We all started to do some sketches of candy people and what we wanted them to look like. We decided to use Pendleton Ward’s style as it was an easy enough style for everyone in the group to copy.Β 

The image below is some of my quick sketches I done to get the ideas going.image

I also decided to do a larger version of the sweet planet being inside the monsters mouth. I think it came out ok but I could have blended the blue colours a bit better with the markers.


Edward also came up with this sketch which I then used to to do a digital piece of concept art.




I kind of liked how it looked at this point but I knew it needed something else so I added a bit of black around the sides of the image and up the backs of the characters.


In the end I was quite pleased with the result.

Along with this I did a few practice digital space images which I could have made better but I think the group found a better and easier way of creating space for the image. For these I got the idea from my sketchbooks that I painted back at the start of the year. I tried to do a similar way of painting in Paint Too Sai but it wasn’t as easy as using paint. The first attempted was nothing like the books but I think the second attempt was much better, although I never finished it.




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