Creative Elements – Create a World – Exsecula – Part 1 – 13th – 19th Oct 14

During this entire week we worked on the feedback we were given and so we tried to work on the science side of how the planet actually does things as well as giving the planet an actual name instead of referring to it as the plant planet in space. 

We looked at several options for names by using the latin words of key words we thought were relevant to our planet.

Here’s the whiteboard with the names and what we needed to start thinking about.



We went with Exsecula in the end because it meant parasite and Consume; exuro and parasite; adsecula, we combined them and used it as the final name.

We also decided on a final back story for the planet as well along with a future and present. 

In a different universe, galaxy or dimension is a large planet. The planet is full of natural materials and the only lifeforms are plants.  The energy source is a number of large stars and one of these explodes. The shock waves from the explosion causes the planet to disperse many seeds throughout different galaxies and the radiation from the exploding star causes mutant like seeds.

Once in the new galaxy the seed needs to survive, root like extensions extend from the seed allowing it to absorb resources from other planets, starting out small but as it takes in resources it is able to grow protection around itself. The world is like a virus or parasite when it comes into contact with other planets it ,steals their natural resources it needs and completely absorbs the planet while taking it’s place in the solar system. While doing this some of the life forms from the planet get sucked into this world and evolve to survive within Exsecula. 

The seed itself releases infectious spores that alter the DNA of the new lifeforms turning them into plant like creatures,

We had more than one idea for the future but decided to go with the radiation giving the seed a mind of its own, causing it to go crazy! It continues to destroy other planets for sources and it begins to re-produce and so the cycle begins again. 

The other idea we had is where a creature breaks into the seed and leaves it’s reproduced baby in the seed. This new baby then controls the causing the seed to continue to destroy other planets for sources as it slowly grows safely inside. In the end the world fulfils it’s purpose (protecting the creature). When the creature is then fully grown it breaks free and finds the perfect environment for itself. Our planet is no longer a parasite but a ordinary world now. This idea came by how wasps lay eggs in caterpillars;

So because we had to work on more composition based work I started to look at other concept artists work and you can see this in my research tag where I have reblogged some things that I liked for creatures and concept art wise. I also started to look at others around the web and created a pinterest board -> which just had some images that Christian sent me through pinterest. 

Along with this we broke up our planet into four layers like a rainforest as you can see in the diagram I done below. Along with this I started to look at how the seed would be placed under water and I looked back at a fossil photo which I took at the Ulster Museum to base the seed on. I decided to come away from the crystal like appearance it had in my previous concept art. 

The four layers consisted of a swamp layer, rainforest, woods and the roots which extend out.





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