31 Horror Film Challenge:

13. The Toxic Avenger

Well… where to start with this one! We open in true 80s fashion, at a gym with jocks, dweebs, glamourous ladies and overly camp instructors. First 10 minutes of watching I hated it, disliking the lead alot (reminded me of a cross of water boy and napoleon dynamite… but i reallly didnt like napoleon dynamite!!!) However, as the film is pretty fast paced is progressed quickly and as our lead changed into the toxic avenger, it really gets good! It takes the worst of the 80’s and key cheesy stereotypes and boosts them up 10fold, making this film an over the top mash of well… toxic waste!

I did really love the fact that this was the first film on the list that had a woman be incharge of SFX make up! The transformation scene was done really welll and there is also a great use of fire work in the film!

There were also some funny references such as frankenstien and the blind man, nazi policeman, monster sex and yet another 80s montage! As the film ends in a perfect ‘drive through’ movie way, I was left confused as my hate for it was so strong at the start, and yet, so was my love for it by the end! Great to watch this season, it may not be a ‘horror’ but its definatly a Monster Movie!



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