Life Drawing – Week 2 – Winnie the Pooh – 2nd Oct 14

This week we focused on drawing heads with hats and using guidelines to help us show what direction our character is looking. We then drew Winnie the Pooh by simplifying down his character into shapes and by using the the techniques we learnt when drawing the heads. 

Below are just some examples of what we done in class this day.


I did struggle a bit with drawing the boxes on the heads so I think i need to work on my perspective still. 

I’m quite happy with how my Winnie the Poohs turned our but I still need to work on keeping him the same size as Mike set us with the task of doing 5 full Winnie the Poohs going from happy to sad. 

At the end of this lesson we had to draw the life model doing a movement but we had to fill in the missing pose for homework as you can see below.


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