Creative Elements – New Group Work – Plant World – Part 1 – 6th Oct 14

After we presented our previous ideas we were split up into new groups and my new group consisted of Aisling, Shannon O’Hanlon, Joshua Cargill, Christian Johnston and Edward Boyle. 

We were left with a completely different idea from what the previous group had presented to class. They told us a small bit about the plant world idea which was on a doughnut but they told us more about the idea of pirate aliens taking over planets. 

This image below shows what we were left with. image


We decided to combine these two ideas they had told us about and created a natural world which stole other planets to get the stuff it needed to survive. 

The images below just show some of the ideas we had before deciding on the final idea.


Some of our ideas included the planet being an actual ship which shape shifted and the planet being a virus.

Below is just a few images of notes I took when choosing the ideas we wanted and some sketches I came with up with to help us visualise our planet. 


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