Creative Elements – Create a World – 30th Sept – 3rd Oct 14 – Part 1

During the rest of this week we focused on improving some of our favourite ideas and narrow down the amount we had.  It was quite hard to get in ideas for the new main ones as some of the members weren’t willing to listen to them but we still managed to work together. 

The board below shows you what we decided to start and focus on after our crazy first day of just listing every idea we thought of. 

After this we went ahead and started to sketch out some of these ideas so we could start to visualise what the worlds would look like and how we could these further. 

A lot of the ideas we had were quite Sci-Fi based and focused into what life could be like in the future in space. We liked the idea of a planet made up of metal so we started to look into how metal can affect humans.

A whiteboard was then covered with the effects of metal poisoning and we started to do some sketches based on these.

While doing this research we started to look at films such as “Cabin Fever” and “The Host” as we liked the idea of the people living underground or in a cave like area and hiding away from these metal creatures that roam the planet above.


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