Week Zero – Part 2

After a while of coming up with ideas for our problem we were then moved onto another groups problem and we then had to come up with 80-100 concepts using their ideas.

Their problem was a child with autism and they had to create a watch which would help them be understood better.

Here’s some photos of the boards with the previous groups ideas. 

After looking at their ideas and coming up with concepts we could possibly do with their ideas we were able to come up with at least 80 concepts as shown in the photos below 

From these we did a few sketches and also decided on our favourites which ended up being a watch with a contact lens which projects the image of a character in the childs eye and it can help them through difficult situations. 
We also had the idea of an extra band fora teacher or guardian which has a gem/light on it which the user can then look at to see what mood the child is in and if they need help. 

Below are just a few scans from my notebook which contains all my ideas and sketches. 


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