Life Drawing – 25th Sept 14

I really enjoyed doing life drawing today because it’s one of my favourite things to draw in my own time as well as when I done it in foundation. 

Mike started off by showing some examples from the night class which were really good and I hope to be able to get as good as the examples he showed. For today we were only doing 3 min – 30 seconds gesture drawings. 

Below I’ve included a small amount of the many drawings I done today, I would say that my favourite drawing out of them all is the 2nd photo below,  I like how most of them turned out but I did struggle with poses that involved bending down from behind as you can see in the 3rd image below.




I think I need to work on the shapes of which the human body can be broken up into shapes to make it easier to draw it from different angles. I also think that I need to work on my perspective because I found it quite difficult to draw certain parts of the body that were further away from me.


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