Design Discourse 1 – Alec – 23rd Sept 14

Alec gave us a talk about what we’ll be doing with him for the next while and he showed us some of the animation work he has done over the years. 

He also told us about the 12 Principles of Animation which are key to making animations, I took down some notes from what Alec and Mike were saying about each one of the principles and he told us to look up some websites as well which will be useful for us as we’re going to be doing Maya with him. 

Here’s some of the links to the websites he told us to have a look at :- 

After this we done a bit of Maya and animated a ball bouncing up and down, we used some of the 12 principles of Animation to help us give the ball more character and make it more appealing. I found it to be a bit confusing at times because there’s a lot of different keys to learn and remember but i did take notes as well as having a go at it at the same time. I worked with Andrew and we were able to successfully animate the ball but sadly we forgot to save it. 

Alec then set us with the task to animate a ball bouncing forward for next week, which I think will be interesting to do as i’ve never done 3D Animation before. 


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