Creative Elements – Create Images for two Modules – 24th Sept 14

My group and I decided to come in on this day and work on our ideas and choose the ones we like the most.  

First of all we marked them off with red pen and eventually we then removed the other post its and replaced them with the ideas we liked the most which we then developed more. This image shows the board after we removed the other post its. 


Even though we couldn’t do all ideas we had there were some in particular that we all liked for example we really liked the idea of having melted crayons for Design Discourse 3 because of the quote Aisling brought up “Be the brightest crayon in the box” which is the reverse of a quote people use a lot to describe someone who isn’t always with it, “You’re not the brightest crayon in the box”.

We all decided on the idea of a walk cycle for Creative Futures but with characters based on styles of animations we like as well as some of the first cartoons produced. We chose this idea because it symbolises the progress of animation and how everyone at that stage will have their own style of drawing. 

For Design Discourse 3 we decided on the idea of having an explosion for this one because instead of enforcing the idea that dissertation is boring we wanted to make it exciting so we thought of an explosion, Edward found some images online which helped us come up with the idea for this. 

He also found images related to each of the previous ideas we had to help us visualise our ideas as actual images.

So we all went home and drew some sketches of the characters we want to use as well as some extra designs.


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