Creative Elements – Conann – 22nd Sept 14

This was our first proper day and for the first half of the day we were given a talk telling us about the course and what to look forward to in the future. We had a pay attention to each of the modules for each year because later on in the day we were going to be given a task to complete in new groups. 

After lunch we had a drawing exercise lesson where we had to draw iMac boxes from different angles and view points as well as a mannequin from Fashion. I found this activity to be quite fun because I love learning new ways to draw and that it’s important to have nice clean line work.

Although drawing the boxes as 3D objects sounds easy it was actually quite difficult to get the perspective right and for one of the exercises we had to pretend we were looking at them from the point of view of a bottle in front of us as well as the point of view from a large lamp that was at our desk. For the last exercise we had to draw the water bottle we had in front of us, i found this one to be much easier than the boxes. Overall i’m quite happy with the outcome of each drawing but I hope to get a lot better at drawing from different point of views.

We were also shown a scene from the movie Cats Don’t Dance (1997) which gave us an idea of how important perspective is and how as an animator it’s important to learn how to see certain objects from certain views in our minds because we can’t always have a reference the same size as the object we want to portray. I’ve included a link to the scene which we were shown.

Below I have included the images from the drawing exercise session 






At the very end of the day we were set with a task to create new images for for each of the modules and we have to complete it for next Monday. 


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